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ExpandWorldwide Consulting has over 35 years of combined experience dealing with the World's most influential countries. Our success comes from our ability to provide necessary services to industries such as; World Map Image

  • Manufacturing,
  • Technology,
  • Labor,
  • Importing and exporting of products.

We currently have our strongest alliances with the United States, China, Korea and Africa, but we are always expanding our international business network.

We provide our clients with everything needed for success in the international market place. Our company specializes in the following:

  • International Investment;
  • Joint Ventures;
  • Product and Market Research;
  • Negotiation and selling techniques;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Product Marketing;
  • Copyright Protection.

We help our clients engage their business activities at the highest levels in these countries.

ExpandWorldwide possesses an in-depth understanding of China's manufacturing, its economy, political trends, as well as the current business culture. Our knowledge of Africa's culture, with its natural resources, and agriculture can help businesses reach their full potential. Our years of experience and relationship building have provided us with invaluable contacts that will be of great benefit to our clients.

ExpandWorldwide employs a strong business partnership philosophy. Once you become a client - we will help you grow and expand as we source additional opportunities for your business. We believe that this is the most successful way to do business internationally.

ExpandWorldwide is a network of consultants and international business owners that are committed to helping your company achieve a global reach.  Let us help you expand your business globally. If you've experienced success marketing and selling your product, service or technology in your own country, we can help you can adapt, modify, localize and sell it into the many markets of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas

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Recent Projects

China CNC Joint Venture

ExpandWorldwide has recently brought together an American company that produces large high-speed numerical-control machine tools, known as CNC machinery, with another high-end equipment and machinery producing company in [[China]].


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