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Our company, through research with our clients, has found that the growing international trend in illegal downloading of films and music continues to increase its financial impact on the content production industry worldwide.  These companies continue to lose billions of dollars a year to Internet piracy.

Expandworldwide has partnered with several technology firms and has created an Internet Piracy Protection Program to help protect its clients and combat the growing trend of international content piracy.  Our automated systems gather forensic information required to pursue legal action against copyright violators.  We leverage the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other local laws to issue "Cease and Desist" letters and other litigation directly to individuals to help stop illegal downloading.  When our investigations encounter more significant offenders, we also engage our legal team to pursue civil and criminal proceedings.

Through the use of internet web sites, many companies are blatantly advertising and teaching members to illegally download films and music without the permission from the copyright owners.  Several organizations in the US, including SIIA and RIAA, recognize the magnitude of this problem, but we have found that there are relatively few companies in the U.S. working with foreign companies to go after these offenders.

At the request of our clients, we have developed an advanced anti-piracy program and have expanded our legal team to track down offenders and stop the infringements of client copyright material and the illegal downloading of films, music and other content.  These violators reduce profit, and are committing grave infringements to the owners of these copyrights.



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