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ExpandWorldwide has recently brought together an American company that produces large high-speed numerical-control machine tools, known as CNC machinery, with another high-end equipment and machinery producing company in China.


This joint venture will produce revenues close to 1 billion dollars over the next 10 years by manufacturing greener, more efficient large CNC machinery.

Historically, China has imported more machinery than any other country in the world.   As part of China's economic development initiatives, referenced in the  Five-Year Plans of China, the country seeks to manufacture its own small and large CNC machinery and has investment funds to bring forth the best new technology in these industries. China's goal is to improve the standards of large, precision, high-speed CNC machinery and has several economic zones for the development of the manufacturing plants needed to meet China's needs for the future.

ExpandWorldwide continues to work with the international community to help identify and structure investment opportunities that will help China achieve is strategic objectives while generating the largest returns for our clients.


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