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Many areas of Africa are emerging from decades of strife, war, and poor government management and now offer greater opportunities for investment and business development.

Tanzania and Ghana are two nations that have stable governments and offer excellent opportunities in the areas of residential and commercial real estate ventures.  Both nations are also developing a competitive agricultural base with many opportunities for foreign investors.  Tanzania’s coastal waters are becoming increasingly attractive to foreign commercial fishing interests.  And Ghana has extensive natural resources, along with it's real estate boom and excellent fishing waters.

ExpandWorldwide has excellent commercial and government contacts in Tanzania and Ghana.  Labor costs in both countries are highly competitive and the commercial infrastructure is rapidly improving.  Most citizens in both nations speak English.


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Strategic IT Consulting

ExpandWorldwide Consulting is partnering with ITNG, a US-based Strategic IT Consulting firm, to help several of our business partners in China, Korea and Africa provide next generation IT services around the world.

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